• The Secretariat General is the administrative body of the Union:

    • The functions of the Secretariat General shall be assumed by a Secretary General who shall be elected –for a period of four years- by a majority vote of members present of the General Assembly.

    When necessary, the General Assembly may appoint an assistant to the Secretary General who may be delegated some of his powers.

    • The Secretary General shall submit a report on the work of the Secretariat General to the Executive Bureau at its periodic meetings.
    • The preparatory works of General Assembly sessions shall be undertaken by the host member of the Union, which also shall bear the expenses thereof, in full coordination with the Secretariat General of the Union.
    • The Council of State of Egypt, as belonging to the headquarters State, shall assume all administrative costs of the Union.
  • The Secretariat General shall assume the following functions:

    • Executing the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Executive Bureau.
    • Acting as a secretary to the meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Bureau, and drafting the minutes and the agenda of each meeting.
    • Preparing items to be submitted to the Executive Bureau and the General Assembly as well as relevant documents and reports.
    • Archiving documents.
    • Managing the financial and administrative affairs of the Union.
    • Communicating invitations, resolutions and recommendations of the Union to its members and guest institutions.
    • Overseeing the printing process of the Union’s studies, research, journals, bulletins and periodicals and following up with the distribution thereof.
    • Supervising and updating the website of the Union.

    In addition to the tasks assigned by the General Assembly or the President of the Union.