• The General Assembly shall consist of Supreme Administrative Courts and Councils of State that are Members of the Union, the General Assembly upon an invitation from the Secretary General, shall hold its ordinary session at least once a year, which shall be presided over by the President of the Union. In case of necessity, upon a request from any of its members and the approval of one third thereof, or pursuant to a proposal from the Executive Bureau, the General Assembly may hold an extraordinary session, Both ordinary and extraordinary sessions shall be held at the headquarters of the Union, unless the General Assembly decides, or any of its members so proposes, to convene at another venue.

  • Convening conditions

      • The General Assembly shall be validly convened by the attendance of the majority of its members, and it shall issue its resolutions by the majority of the members present, unless a certain majority is so required.   Each member shall have one vote, and in case of equality of votes, the side to which the president belongs shall overrule the other, however the Secretary General shall act as a rapporteur for the General Assembly.
      • The Secretary General shall consult with the members of the Union at least two months prior to inviting them to ordinary sessions, and at least one month in case of holding an extraordinary sessions.
  • The General Assembly shall undertake the following functions:-

    1. Setting the plans and the programs of the Union.
    2. Deciding upon membership applications.
    3. Deciding upon membership termination or suspension.
    4. Approving the internal and the financial regimes of the Union, as well as the Staff Regulations of the Secretariat General, and determining staff remuneration when necessary.
    5. Setting the agenda for the upcoming session of the Union.
    6. Ratifying the final account for the past two years, and approving the general budget of the Union for the upcoming two years, considering that this budget shall be allocated to each year pursuant to an Executive Bureau resolution.
    7. Determining the means for reinforcing and promoting cooperation among the members of the Union on the one hand, and between the Union and counterpart international and regional entities on the other hand.
    8. Endorsing the report prepared by the President of the Union concerning its different activities, and the financial report prepared by the Secretary General.
    9. Ratifying the agreements concluded by the Union, relevant to its purposes, with regional and international entities.
    10. Deciding upon the membership of the Union with a majority vote of attending members.
    11. Appointing an auditor upon a proposal from the Executive Bureau.
    12. Discussing other issues as submitted by the Executive Bureau.

    The General Assembly may form subcommittees consisting of members of the Union, and it also may have recourse to experts for purposes of studying particular subjects