With the aim of establishing an Arab judicial entity specialized in the field of Administrative Judiciary, as a means to reinforce common Arab work, the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Courts of Arab states have agreed on the necessity of establishing the Arab Union of Administrative Judiciary. On the 12 th of December 2015, the Statute of the Union has been signed in an inaugural ceremony at the Cairo premises of the Council of State of Egypt, in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Abdul Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and their honors Presidents of Arab Supreme Administrative Courts and Councils of State. chief judges of the councils of state and Supreme administrative courts of the member states.
The Union consists of Supreme Administrative Courts and Councils of State of thirteen f Arab states. In accordance with the provisions of the statute, the founding Members and whoever the General Assembly may later on accept its membership is considered a Member of the Union.In addition , organizations, associations and entities working in the field administrative judiciary can obtain the status of observer, upon the approval of the General Assembly of the Union. The Union aims at promoting and developing the administrative judiciary and reinforcing its role, organizing and developing cooperation among the members of the Union, and strengthening their mutual relations, exchanging expertise and knowledge in the field of administrative judiciary and emphasizing upon the principle of judicial independence as well as the immunity of the judiciary, and its ideals and superior values, in addition to encouraging research and legal studies in relevance to administrative judiciary, and contributing for the prevalence of legal culture in Arab societies and seeking to unify administrative legal terminology throughout Arab States, in coordination with competent bodies.
The Union also seeks to arrange for and promote cooperation with counterpart entities through international and regional conferences concerned with administrative judiciary.
As well as participating at international and regional conferences relating to administrative judiciary.

Counselor  Dr. / Jamal Nada

Counselor Dr. / Jamal Nada

President of the Egyptian Council of State
President of the Supreme Administrative Court
President of the Union

Counselor / Mohamed Raslan

Counselor / Mohamed Raslan

Vice President of the Egyptian Council of State
Secretary General of the Union