Kuwait: Arab judges discuss establishment of administrative judiciary union


CAIRO, May 30 (KUNA) ­­ Judges from 11 Arab countries, including Kuwait, met in Cairo on Saturday to discuss bylaw of the Arab union of .administrative judiciary, part of common Arab action Justice Dr. Jamal Nada, Chairman of the Egyptian Council of State, said judicial cooperation among Arab countries “will ultimatley honor aspirations of Arab societies.” Addressing the meeting, Nada said there was a need to combine the state councils and administrative courts in the Arab countries into a unified and organized .entity This union, he added, would boost relations, exchange expertise, spread judicial culture, and unify .administrative law principles Nada called for the establishment of a training center for Arab judges to offer courses in administrative .law Kuwait is represented by Justice Mohammad bin Naji, Chairman of the Court of Appeals and member of the Surpeme Judicial Councoil.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


Arab Administrative Courts Union to be launched


Manama, Dec.9 (BNA): A ceremony will be held on Saturday in Cairo to sign the basic law and launch the Arab Administrative Courts Union. Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Chairman and Court of Cassation President Salim Al-Kawari will head tomorrow to Cairo on an official visit to attend the event, which will be held at the Egyptian State Council.

Al-Kawari had attended the preliminary conference which discussed the establishment of the union with the aim of unifying Arab administrative judiciary, exchanging expertise and encouraging legal studies. The pan-Arab union will also launch a periodic magazine, featuring legal and judicial studies and researches, and set up an international centre which will train administrative judges and staff in the Arab World.

Source: BNA


Sisi visiting President of the State Council today


in Dokki, where he will witness in the old Council building “Fawkia Princess Palace”, the signing of the Convention on the establishment Arab Union of the courts of the administrative judiciary headquarters of the Egyptian State Council.

has taken the Council of State management intensive preparations at the headquarters of the Council and its surroundings to host the event, especially that President Sisi , is the first President of the Republic to visit Council since the opening of former President Hosni Mubarak, the current council building in 1994.

and recognizes the Republican Guard old council building to be secured during the visit, it is expected that the President deliver a speech on this occasion, and the agreement will be signed Chancellor Dr. Jamal Nada, head of the State Council, and the heads of the judicial delegations Arab participation in the Union.

attend the ceremony, Minister of Justice Counselor Ahmed ulna, and Minister of Legal Affairs Adviser Magdy Ajaty, and President of the Constitutional Court Counselor Adly Mansour, the Supreme Judicial Council and the President Judge Ahmed Gamal El-Din, and the Attorney General’s adviser Nabil Sadeq , as well as advisers and members of the Special Council “highest administrative authority of the State Council” and the number of judges of the elders of the Board.